Plant construction

Whether it is complex welding assemblies, special machine construction or SPS control and process visualization – we always look for customizable, functional and economically feasible solutions!

Plant construction at a glance

» Custom functional and economically feasible solutions!

In the field of screen printing, we have been manufacturing automatic machines for the pre- and post-press sector for more than 25 years.
The procedures to process the printing stencils, such as developing, washing, and removing the photo layer, are part of the actual printing process.

Based on the existing cleaning processes, we regularly take into account the market availability of new chemicals and methods to achieve further energy savings, reduce the consumption of chemicals and, besides, to implement quality improvements in the systems. Our systems, such as SpeedLine, Soltec or Varitec, which are known as the standard in the screen printing sector, and are based on these ongoing developments. Essential features such as the modular design, expandability, online service, automated storage as well as interconnected operation with other processing machines are consistently developed and refined by us.


» Since 1886, we have stood for the reliability and virtues of engineers.


We began our plant engineering and construction in the field of production of cleaning systems for the printing industry. Currently, we create concepts for specialized fields of the application according to customer requirements – no matter if its complex welding assemblies, unique machine construction, or SPS-control and process visualization – we always look for custom functional and economically feasible solutions.


  • Development of customer-specific processing methods with our engineering team
  • Validation of commercial parts or parts from own production
  • Design and manufacturing
  • Programming of SPS control and process visualization

Typical products

  • Fully automatic washing, decoating, and feeding systems for the printing industry (screen, offset and rotation)
  • Cleaning systems for various fields of application
  • Complex welded assemblies made of aluminum, steel, and stainless steel
  • Unique machine construction according to customer requirements

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