Reconstruction in the post-war years:

The night of bombing on November 27, 1944, put an abrupt end to all the efforts, planning, and work of the Elbs Elektrohaus: all facilities, equipment, and stocks were destroyed. Ernst Zentner returned from Russian captivity in 1949. In the meantime, Else Zentner had built up an alternative business in ‘Habsburgerstraße’ 32 with energy, diligence, and perseverance, where production could gradually be restarted.

Direct sales to the customers were made in a shop directly at the ‘Bertoldsbrunnen’ in the heart of Freiburg. And after one year of construction, a new 800 sqm factory site with workshop and office building was built in 1955 in the then newly developed industrial area Freiburg ‘Kronenmatte’ in ‘Helligestraße’ 2.