Are you looking for a reliable, competent, and experienced partner for the production of your punch-laser and sheet-formed parts?
If so, we are specialists in:
  • simple angles to highly complex sheet metal assemblies
  • material thicknesses of 0.1mm to 20mm
  • using materials such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel and also plastics/ composites
  • the areas of prototyping to mass production

Your contact person:

Silvan Schwörer
Graduate Engineer (BA)
Sales / Project planning
Phone:    +49 761 45287 211
Fax:    +49 761 45287 41

Thanks to our experienced production team, innovative production techniques, and very advanced machinery, we have mastered the complete range of modern sheet metal production for all types of requirements: From fully automated, unmanned punch-laser processing, forming and deep-drawing processes, MAG, MIG, TIG, spot and laser welding and other joining processes (e.g., clinching, riveting and gluing) to professional surface finishing by grinding, brushing, anodizing, painting, coating, printing and much more.